Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Start A Blog: How To Choose The Niche For Your Blog - Indieniche

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Most of the bloggers make same mistake that i have had in the past.
It is the niche of your blog. There are multiple reasoning for choosing right or wrong niche.
It could be like you are not really into the subject(not passionate about it) or you don't have good enough knowledge on the topic.
Generally new bloggers tend to wast lost of time, money and resources unknowingly in the wrong niche.
And it becomes too late for them to realize their mistake.
There are two cases in which you can fail in the niche blogging,

In the first case, you pick a niche,you know and can write about but you don't get into the details of the possible earning from the niche. You spend more then half an year or a year polishing your blog, and you realize something is wrong. It is okey to have a blog which you like to write(without earning), but money is the way to go around in the world.

in other case, you pick a niche on bases of revenue researcher  purely, so you don't know the topic and you are writing about it. Sooner you will realize that you are getting initial traffic but it is not converting.
the truth is that, they can still make money but it will not be willing participation.

so,you must be prepared to write about a niche before you can start a blog. you should consider everything into account,make a mindset and finally firmly determine the goals.

the real question is, how to choose a niche??!!

Here are some of the ways,

1) Do what you are passionate about.

  This is one of the most important thing, ask your self what do you like. It will keep you motivated and stop you from backing.
  write small articles polish them and then go forward develop your skillets.

2) Choose a profitable part of niche.

  Most of the people start blogging without identifying niche profitability, blogging takes time and resources so you must monetise it.so the question is can i monetize it?

  All the niche can be profitable in some micro niche area. so identify the products/service/affiliate that are available in your case.

  here are the few factors deciding it,

   - Your sources of information
   - Your ad placement
   - Traffic you get
   - The competition

The key in choosing niche is, keep yourself motivated, Try then fail and then try again.

Now you do know how to choose niche. In next article we will discuss about Niche research tools available online (paid or free).

you are welcomed to express your thought and suggestions in comment section.